L'Ecritoire, Stationery Paris

Original and independent stationery shop since 1975.

In 1975, fresh out of school and fingers still stained with ink, Sofie created L'Ecritoire - the Parisian stationery store.

Keeping it in the family, she was following in her grandfather’s footsteps André Tardy, a manufacturer and marketer of glass and porcelain school buckets. He was also the inventor of the "Optimus" 4-colour pen or the bucket flapper allowing the ink not to dry.

44 years later, L'Ecritoire is rich in memories. With its counter always a little ink-stained, L'Ecritoire Paris offers visitors with a passion for writing an endearing universe that comes from traditional heritage, timeless craftsmanship and original and independent creations.

Pleasure of writing and the art of paper

L'Ecritoire Paris offers a selection of high quality papers and a large collection of fountain pens, writing and calligraphy instruments, colourful and metallic inks, inkwells, notebooks, albums, beautiful letterheads, envelopes of all shapes and colours, a multitude of cards, wax seals, natural multicolored sealing wax, and other creative objects.

Original and quality products made with care and in small series

Most of our products are made in France, Germany, Italy and Belgium.

Stationery from a little further, or very far away, is also made with respect for people and their environment.