Brighten up and personalise your hand-written letters with a coloured wax seal, a creative and unique way of communicating with loved ones.

Choose from our range of wax seals stamps and enjoy our natural and coloured wax to seal your lovely snail mails, letters and other stationery creations.

Made of pewter or made of brass and wood, our wax seal stamps are entirely made in France. From in house symbols, initials or name to custom made from your drawing or logo, discover our wax seal stamps ranges in our Parisian stationery shop! Please contact us by email if you would like more information about wax seal stamps. We deliver all around the world.

Pewter wax seals with a symbol ||

Brass wax seals with a symbol ||

Custom made brass seal with a single or double initial, a name or a first name (2 different alphabets) ||

Wax seal personalized with your logo or drawing (custom made) ||

Colored wax seals ||

Food claw in relief(custom made) ||

Embossed claw for marking ceramics (custom made) ||

Embossed food claw to personalized ice cubes (custom made) ||

Please contact us by email for a a request or cost estimation: We deliver all around the world.